I was once put in a place with nothing to see;

Not a soul to talk to and not a thing I could be.

Not a voice to hear me laugh.

So there above the dark gray clouds
was a flower I just had to have.

Up above the sunlit sky was what seemed to be

The reddest rose and the most yellow daisy surrounded by blue.

With Its luminous glow that reminded me of a love I once knew.

And I’m quite sure that if you had seen this Wildflower,

you would have wanted it, too.

I was told the sky is the limit,

so for what am I to do without an ear to hear

Or a person to see me shed a tear under a shade less tree?

Maybe I can reach if I try with all my might.

But if all fails, I shall try again at the first sight of light.

Through all the things I have been through,

reaching the flower was my goal.

Not able to realize the pleasure and pain inflicted upon my soul.

So, I raise my head and speak to the Holy Man.

Promise me I can have the Wild Flower
located in the Promised Land.

Then I stared at the beautiful flower that now seemed kind of tan.

When I die,

bury me with this flower in the depths of pearl white sands.

I reached out high and touched the sky
as the flower fell in my hand.

I have fulfilled my one and only goal,

so bury me here where I stand.

Now, I shall count the minutes of time, and stay happy,

Because the Wild Flower is finally mine.