When I Talk To God Mv Lord

A poem for you, A poem for me.

A poem for one, who now is free.

Turn me around Lord Turn me around

Shine your light on me Lord I want to be free.

Give me a sign Lord, oh walk with me.

My Heavenly Father, I am in need.

I’ve been in trouble, and now I can see.

You’re the only one, who can set me free!

Now 1 know I have no more doubts,

I was lost Lord, I was crying out.

You came to my aide, there was a change in me.

Your love touched me Lord, spiritually.

I am a happy soldier now that you answered my prayer.

1 am not alone anymore in darkness and despair.

We have so much in common now that you are here.

My Lord, My Lord, My Father in Heaven,

who will not forsake me.

Who will always be with me in times of trouble.

You have answered my prayer.