When I Must Leave You - V2

Please don’t say that I gave up, just say that I gave in. Don’t say I lost the battle, for it was God’s war to lose or win. Please don’t say how good I was, but I did my best. Just say that I tried to do what’s right - to give the most I could, not do less.

Please don’t give me wings or halos, that’s for God to do. I want no more than I deserve, no extras, just my due. Please don’t give flowers, or talk in hushed tones. Don’t be concerned about me now, I’m well with God; I’ve made my home.

Don’t talk about what could have been, it’s over and it’s done. Just see to all my family’s needs, the battle has been won. When you draw a picture of me, don’t draw me as a Saint. I’ve done some good, I’ve done some wrong, so use all your paint - not just the bright and light tones, use some gray and dark. In fact, don’t put me down on canvass, paint me in your heart.

Don’t just remember good times, but remember all the bad. For life is full of many things, some happy and some sad. But if you must do something, then I have one last request - forgive for the wrongs I’ve done, and with the love that’s left, thank God for my soul’s resting, thank God for I’ve been blessed. Thank God for all who loved me, praise God who loved me best.