This Is How I Say Goodbye

Years have come to pass, yet today I’m gone

In the Bible it says we don’t live forever, so This Is How I Say

Goodbye Mommy please be strong

My life was lasting through the spirit of God

So I leave my heart to my daughter who’s my joy and pride

For all my loved ones who followed me through life’s ride

I want you to know my fear should be not

of death but of staying alive

But in your heart you still have God to

wipe away the water from your teary eyes

I know my time of living is not forever

But hopefully as I go God and I will meet together

God said, “One day my child you will suffer no more”

When I meet up with Him at Heaven’s door

One day you will see me again for all it’s worth

I was told to be joyful when someone leaves

this hateful world but cry at birth

As I go everyone is to remember me as a beautiful thing

When you close your eyes you will see me,

I’m the angel with thesparkling wing.