The Mansions Above

We strain every nerve.

We strive for the prize Of our calling in Christ,

A home in the skies.

The battles all fought the victory won

We have the reward “Good servant well done “

Come enter thy home these mansions above

Rest in Heaven of infinite love

From sorrow and sin forever released

Come sit with the guest at the Heavenly feast

All stains washed away in robes of pure white

We bask in His rays we shine in His light

The crowns of rejoicing we ever more wear

The glory of Christ eternally shared.

Make me “O” father more grateful for life

More willing to bear the turmoil and strife

More anxious to serve more like him to be

Who gave his own life for answer, for me

That bearing Christ image here below.

My word done in him his glory may show

Fill the summer hear in accents of love

Daughter come higher and serve me above

What glories await the spirit set free

From fetters of earth untrammeled to be

The work begins here is continued above

And all that’s left in life is service and love..