Stay, that’s what so many of us wanted to say

She said I’m sorry I have to go because God has

made a way away for me to look down upon you

A way for me to guide you through

The many obstacles that God has planned

And because of my strength I know

you too will stand

What will we do without you?

She said live on that’s what I want you to do.

Because know that I am still with you in everything

you do. Who will I talk to and which way do I turn?

She said turn to each other, time and time again for there are lessons to be learned.

Learn from each other no matter how old or young Because know that you are all family so don’t forget to behave as one.

What about when I miss you and I just want to see your face?

She said just think of me smiling at you

in your most memorable time and place.

How do I know that you’re up there and that you’re

alright? She said I was a good-hearted woman so

God has received me now and

I no longer have to fight.