No Need To Worry. No Need To Cry

No need to worry, no need to cry

nor question God and wonder why.

My heart’s at peace

you’re wondering how

because my soul is with Jesus

and I’m resting now.

The services I gave

for my family and friends

were services of love,

even to the end.

Loved one’s now look to Jesus

for He knows best.

He carried me home for I needed the rest.

Family don’t you cry

and don’t be afraid for me,

already a way has been made.

Keep trusting in Jesus and doing His will,

through Jesus my presence you will always feel.

Yes, my heart’s at peace and my soul’s at rest

and you wonder how;

it’s because I’m with Jesus and I’m resting now.

I’m in a better place as long as I’m with Jesus.

I’m resting, just like a white dove

I’ve flown away yet.

I’m resting now.