Mountain Moving

Lord, I’ve never moved a mountain

And I guess I never will.

All the faith that I could muster

Wouldn’t move a small ant hill.

Yet I’ll tell you, Lord, I’m grateful

For the privilege of knowing thee,

And for all the mountain moving

Down through life you’ve done for me.

When I needed grace to lift me

From the depths of despair,

And when burdens, pain and sorrow

Have been more than I could bear,

You have always been my helper

To restore life’s troubled sea,

And to move these little mountains

That have looked so big to me.

Many times when I’ve had problems

And when bills I’ve had to pay,

And the worries and the heartaches

Just kept mounting every day,

Lord, I don’t know how you did it,

Can’t explain, the where’s or why’s,

All I know I’ve seen these mountains

Turn to blessings in disguise.

No, I’ve never moved a mountain

For my faith is far too small.

Yet I thank you, Lord of Heaven,

You have always heard my call.

And as long as there are mountains

In my life I’ll have no fear,

For the mountain moving Jesus

He shall make them disappear