Lonely Is The Home Without You

Lonely is the home without you,

Life to us is not the same;

All the world would be like Heaven,

If we could have you back again.

A light from our household gone,

A voice we loved is still,

A place is vacant in our home

That never can be filled.

May the God of Love and Mercy,

Care our loved one who is gone,

And bless with consolation,

Those left to carry on.

The happy hours we once enjoyed,

How sweet their memory still

But death has left a vacant place,

This world can never fill.

How dearly we loved you,

And prayed you might live,

But Jesus just beckoned,

And we had to give.

God gave us strength to bear it,

And courage to fight the blow,

What it has meant to lose you,

God alone will ever know.