In the Stillness

In the stillness we think of youhusband, father, brother and friend.

In the breeze, in a tear, in a sound, in passing a porch seeing an empty chair, the smell of a cigar, a cigarette or listening to elderly men chatting, laughing, throwing up their hands talking about their yesterdays and when they were young.

In stillness of our mind, when we are all alone, everyone has gone home. I still feel you, smell you, the warmth of a hug, the sound of your laugh and how all the simple things that you gave will last.

You will never be forgotten, we will learn to live with your memory.

Our shooting star that was borrowed to us. We thank God for you, to God be the Glory in His Stillness of time.

We say see you on the other side Daddy, Husband, Brother and Friend.

Thanks for all the things you done that was appreciated and those things that went unnoticed and what was never done.

It don’t matter no how.

In the stillness we thank the day that you were born.