My husband was a blessing sent from heaven above

A gift from God, for our family to love

A helping hand that was always there

A loving friend who would always care

And who all of our burdens would share

My husband what a blessing.

Those guiding hands that lead us

To the straight and narrow way.

And teaching lips that help us to learn

More and more each day.

A comfort when things didn’t go right

An angel watching over us through the night

Protecting us with all his might

My husband, what a blessing

My husband put his family first,

Before himself always

He always tried to do his best

To give us better days

By sacrificing each and every day.

He set examples for us, all the way.

Remembering always to serve God and pray.

My husband, what a blessing.

Good husbands never die.

They live with God eternally

And one day, when we meet again, how happy

We will be, in his footsteps we now go

And will follow God and we will show

That his work was not in vain. Oh no, my husband,
what a blessing.