Even Nearer To Thee

Nearer my God to thee

Evermore shall we all be

Whether in life or death each must come,

And see if we have a place at your throne.

We take you so much for granted.

Heavenly father you watch as we rave and rant.

There’s nothing on earth we can take when we leave.

Yet we work and slave and over things grieve.

You placed each one of us here on earth.

You alone know our true worth.

Will we try to fulfill the plan you made?

Will idleness take us to an early grave?

You told us to be fruitful and multiply.

What comes to my mind is with your help I’ll try.

I’ll let others know you would all have salvation

In this life they can find restoration.

To your bosom we will all be drawn,

And be able to live eternally in your arms.

We have come to find peace that lasts.

You removed all sin from our past.