Change Of Address

Dear Family and Friends,

I want you to know that I have moved. I received a call from God, the Chief Architect, who informed me that my new house is ready and 1 could move immediately. Well, my new home is finished and its such a beautiful sight to behold. It is located in an exclusive estate area and it sits behind a beautiful pearly gate.

There is peace, joy and happiness here with no more pain to bear, no strife or discontent. I could go on exploring around my new home but I have to get fitted for my wings. Let me give you my new address because I highly recommend you make plans to live here too.


12 Gates to the City Avenue Godstown, Heaven 77777.

Oh yeah! Let me tell you this , I don’t have a telephone yet, but first call God. If you don’t have His number, He is listed in the Good Book on every page. Contact Him.