A New Beginning

Just because I love you is why I sit and write these few words that mean so much.

To think that being without you would cause me grief, yet relief. God has allowed us a few wonderful years together. I admit all has not been a bed of roses but yet cherishable.

Now, we have come to the ending of our road together. This is where we part and the ending becomes the beginning.

Somewhere along the way, we lost one another.

In losing you I find myself. In finding myself, I find GOD. In finding GOD I find peace. Surely, GOD knows my love for you is sincere and true. I will always LOVE and remember nothing but the good.

Where there is no relationship there is no life. So, nothing can grow in a barren land.

1 have pledged myself to succeed in life and I know success is always the result of conscientious and efficient effort.

I believe that GOD will lend me everything with which to succeed. I will never close my eyes in sleep without praying for Diving Guidance to the end, that I will be Patient and Persevere.